Where Conscious Professionals grow together.

We're currently incubating with a small group of Founding Members.

"It just feels lighter. Leaving here I just feel lighter because we had the time to exchange and talk. It brings you back to the present moment."

Forge deep connections with other Conscious Professionals

LinkedIn’s a great place to meet but it lacks an intimate environment to connect on a deeper level. Depth of connection > quantity of connection.

Grow with the support of people who understand you

You can’t talk to 99% of your colleagues about 99% of what you’re going through spiritually. Support and accountability supercharges growth.

Co-create with people as soulful and ambitious as you

Meet conscious, competent people who can alter the trajectory of your growth. Like a scene of musicians, collaboration is our heartbeat.

Tune into weekly community rituals.

Co-Create Campfire

Gather ‘round the fire & share what you’re going through spiritually & professionally. Release what’s no longer serving. Fan the flames of your fellow Conscious Professionals.Sitting around the fire is one of humanity's most ancient ceremonies. The fire element has the power to transmute, alchemize & integrate.

Hustle Healthy Happy Hour

Head to our beach bar to get energized & inspired. Enjoy your favourite drink in good company. Let your hair down, meet new people & have fun.The format is free-flowing & our [in]spirit world allows us to move about & socialize serendipitously. (Zero pressure to drink alcohol).

Reciprocal Reverie

You will be randomly paired up with another person. One person will be the focus, the other is there to hold space for them.The person who is the focus brings forward something they are working through, or want creative input on. The next week you switch places.

Meet people who will alter the trajectory of your path.

Be inspired by spiritual practices to fuel your growth

Deepen your creativity and expand your mind with diverse perspectives. We share our lessons with each other to support each other's evolution.

Access a powerful trust network for life

Plug into a network of people that will have your back throughout your journey in both your professional and spiritual pursuits.

Have fun with an open-minded group of people

Let your hair down. Get energized. Feel inspired. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we embrace play. Shared experiences are our lifeblood.

Stay accountable with 28-day lunar growth cycles.

Every 2 weeks the moon completes half its cycle. Mother Nature’s own “sprints”. We’ll set our professional & spiritual intentions, and support each other. Each cycle provides different astrological energies for us to tune into and we learn more about astrology in the process too.

Membership is $396/year.

Lead with Love

Our heart informs our thoughts, intentions and actions. We seek to leave people better than we found them.

Spirit of Service

We’re excited to help each other and we view our work as a vessel to serve humanity and our planet.

Absolute Acceptance

We’re compassionate, open and encouraging to everyone; we celebrate diversity.

Embrace Evolution

We’re driven by a curiosity and an optimism that we can always learn something new.


What do I get in the membership?Access to our 24/7/365 live, virtual [in]spirit world in Gather.
Access to our 24/7/365 Slack community.
Weekly live member events (Ex. Co-Create Campfire, Hustle Healthy Happy Hour).
Ad-hoc educational sessions (Deep Dives).
What if I can't make an event? How do you accommodate different time zones?You can view the recordings of educational events or listen to them like a podcast any time. To respect the free expression of our members, social events aren't recorded. Events take place at a variety of times. We're currently prioritizing American time zones. As we grow, we'll optimize for other continents too.

A note from our founder.

As an ambitious startup sales leader I used to shy away from fully embracing aspects of my spirituality in the public sphere. Whether it was plant medicine, shamanism, or intuitive practices like tarot...But the more deeply I explored myself spiritually, the more success I had as a professional. And vice versa. I realized the two fed each other.So I had to work through reconciling my business ambition and my spiritual journey. Sometimes it was like a war within and I had some shame to work through before I was comfortable being open about that side of myself in the business world.Along the way I realized that most professionals can't talk about 99% of what they're going through spiritually with 99% of their work colleagues.Most spiritual communities are too ungrounded and 'out there' for me, and all the business communities I found completely neglected spirituality...There needed to be a place focussed on integrating the best of both. A place for those of us who walk the Middle Way to connect and grow together.This is for professionals who are grounded in the material and exploring the spiritual.I like to talk Pipeline just as much as Pranayama.
Marketing & Mindfulness.
Sales & Spirituality.
Customers & Consciousness.
Revenue & Reiki.
Tech & Taoism.
You get the point :)LinkedIn has been transformational in my journey but the world needed a more conscious professional network. So if you feel like me too, let's build it, together.

Grounded in the material, exploring the spiritual.

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